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WICKED LOVELY (by Jess C Scott / Incest Story.01)

wicked lovely

Wicked Lovely ($2.99)

Smashwords (multiple formats)

Title = Mature Audience


A short story where a brother and sister look to themselves, and not society, to make sense of the sexual love they share.

SUMMARY: Ed has been (guiltily) attracted to ďGoddess JulieĒ for as long as he can remember ó but moves out once he finishes high school. Unexpectedly, Julie discovers she has similar sentimentsÖ

Wicked Lovely features in the short story collections, 4:Play, Incestiable, and Primal Scream.

LENGTH: Novelette | 13,000 words

* * *


"I was surprised that I ended up liking Wicked Lovely. Not too into the whole incest thing, especially in brother-sister relationships. (I have a brother myself, so thinking about that sort of theme is generally something I donít indulge in.) But it worked in this story. I can only think of one other instance in which a brother-sister relationship didnít bother me (Angel Sanctuary series). The fact that they were brother and sister is overshadowed by their sheer desire to be with one another, that that other person is the only person for them. That made the story for me."
ó Review @ Itís Basement Time

"Wicked Lovely is a fantastic tale of forbidden love."
ó Author/Poet Dan Schwartz (click on image above for full review / captured screenshot via Google cache in Dec 2010)

"What a very tender romantic book, thank you!"
ó MK / E-mail from a reader/customer, Apr 2011

"I read a chunk of WL and I found it highly well-written and enjoyable. I think you really captured the mania of a teenage boy's sexuality in the opening pages and I want to see what is next."
ó E-mail from a reader/customer, NYC | Jan 2012

"I thought Wicked Lovely was an amazing book and I was so sad that it ended but at the same time I was thrilled when they [*spoiler removed*], I was so happy for them. . .I also have a question I would like to ask you: Did you feel good about writing the story knowing what society thinks about this unique and very sweet type of love between family? Thank you so much for such a great book and I really so hope to see (and dig into) more of these absolutely amazing books!"
ó X17 (email from fellow-dragon-lover), March 2012

"Peace be upon you, Jess. You are so zheng ah (means "good" or "great" in Cantonese). Bought your book Wicked Lovely on Amazon and it's in my Kindle Library. But the exams are nearing... hoping to read soon. You are so sweet. P.S. I wish you were my sister."
-- Facebook message, Dec 2012 (PhD student, South Asia)

* * *


Q&A with Jess on Incest (Nov 2009)

* Wicked Lovely sells 12 copies on first day with zero marketing/advertising/media mentions ó July 11, 2010

* WL hits #3,019 Paid in Kindle Store (overall) ó September 5, 2010
* WL hits #691 Paid in Kindle Store (UK) ó September 8, 2010
* WL enters the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists
#42 in Books > Bargain Books (30 days in Top 100)
ó October 10, 2010

* WL is banned! As reported on TeleRead and The Register UK.

* Dec 2010: Also reported by Provisions Library (Arts for Social Change).

* Listed as "Related Books" with Theatre of Incest (Dalkey Archive Press), and House of Incest (AnaÔs Nin), on Google Books (3 August 2011).

wicked lovely

* Cool graphic feat. a quote from Jess C Scott's Wicked Lovely
(courtesy of Mika | Jan 2012)

* * *


[Ed / 4 June 2006]

YES ó Iíve the whole house to myself.

Nine Inch Nails is playing upstairs, God how I love that fuck you like an animal song. Musicís so-so-so-so L-O-U-D. Rhythmís so hypnotic itís giving me a headspin.

Dadís with golfing buddies. Momís at some beading class or bingo session. Donít know it donít matter.

And Julie? Julie Elle Drake is out with Bobby.

Bobby the Nice Guy.

Bobby the Prince.

Bobby the Sweet Guy who Asked Me Out with the Burnt Cookie he made at Home Ec class.

Bobby the Everything.

Think about going over to Kingstonís house for a while. Dude owes me 100 bucks. I should steal that and more when Iím over. He and his CEO dad share a stash of porn mags and expensive tobacco. But oh. Itís a lazy Sunday afternoon. Too half-assed to even reach over, pick up the phone and dial a number.

Switch TV on. Lounge around. It will only last a few minutes.

This languid tranquility is the prelude to what comes next.That feeling, suddenly picks up again. I try and try but I canít get away. Cell by cell, my brain is wired to the signal. Itís like a strange invisible smoke line, luring you the destination place.

ďThis is so weird.Ē I speak my thoughts out loud. One nice thing about having the house to yourself is that you can voice your own thoughts without fear.

Everyone will kill me if they know about this. Iím a perv, a deviant, a psycho, a twisted individual! This is gross unhealthy abnormal Iíll cross over a line that should have never been crossed if I havenít already and I need counseling or should I see a psychiatrist and get myself checked out, maybe we were brought up in a screwed up kind of way?

ďI donít think so.Ē Detective Green on Law & Order. Lost track of whatís going on in this episode. Canít concentrate. Canít concentrate on shit.

Body is aching. In the craving way.

Peel myself off the sofa. Ed, you sicko.

I wanna tell the voice in my head and the whole world to shut up. They can talk and talk but theyíve not been in the same situation, they donít even know what theyíre missing out on.

That. Thatís the exact thing that fuels their disgust and anger. Itís a displaced frustration, that they can never have access to this deranged special kind of arrangement. Go, Ed!

Drag myself up the stairs in a weird mix of dread guilt apprehension and uncontrollable wild anticipation and excitement.

Find myself in front of Goddess Julieís room. The door is closed but you canít lock it from the outside. Glare at the morons on the poster. Some lame brothers emo-looking band with way too much eyeliner and black hair dye that really sucks BIG TIME, nothing but pop "rock" crap for 12 year old girls to listen to (Julie isn't 12 ó figure of speech). Their lyrics are about their love life and if those lyrics are indeed true, damn their love life blows. They donít have one insanely hard and talented guitar solo, no drummer, no bass player, and no talent. They are just another manufactured product and who knows what their appeal is. Whereís a new Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, or Guns ní Roses? Good music is dead. So once again, I donít think they suck, I KNOW they suck.

* * *

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