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The Velvet Rope (BDSM Story.05)

velvet rope

The Velvet Rope ($2.99)

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A disenchanted lady boss recruits a personal toy boy, before the complexities of a recent divorce send her completely over the edge.

Explores the psychosexual themes of S/M, shibari, and mild erotic asphyxiation.

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction (with BDSM elements)

LENGTH: Novelette | 17,000 words

The Velvet Rope features in the short story collection,
PLAY (BDSM Anthology).

* * *


* 18 May 2011: This story and Switch are pretty tricky to handle, but I'll do my best (more info on BDSM @ jessINK).

* * *


"You are not obscene as far as I can see. You write about emotion and you capture it and convey it beautifully. You have something very original and very contemporary."
customer email, March 2011 (from U.K.)

"Based on the three books I've read, I can say that you're a brilliant writer. They are not shallow reads. Your books do not only entertain but they also make you reflect on what is really important in one's life."
e-mail from a reader, 2011 (The Philippines)

* * *


Nadya looked at the velvet rope for a moment, wondering what to use it for. She contemplated the consequences, envisioning tying it around Charles's neck this time. Perhaps the right time had come to use it.

Charles's neck--and maybe the neck of the cheap psychotic bitch he'd married. Nadya would get rid of two people who were a waste of space and oxygen. Then she'd really kill herself if that ended up immortalizing Charles and Destiny, since the world was likely to jump at "the untimely death" of yet another fantastic plastic baublehead to fuss and fawn over.

Jealous Woman Murders Ex-Husband and Popular Blog Queen, Nadya imagined the news headlines. Jealous, frustrated, crazy. Whatever.

She had to de-clutter her life, to the point everything bad didn't exist anymore. She wanted them dead, gone, and out of the picture.

Autoerotic asphyxiation. Would it be classified as an accident, or a suicide?

Nadya should have just killed him earlier on, before things could have degenerated to such a dismal state of affairs.

She brought up the website she'd bookmarked on her cell phone. . .

* * *

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