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By author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott
29 July 2011

Jess on why she enjoys writing urban fantasy books/fiction, and why she is an urban fantasy writer.

urban fantasy

The Other Side of Life
(Book #1 of my Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy)

BOOK SUMMARY: A thieving duo's world turns upside down when an Elven rogue uncovers the heinous dealings of a megacorporation.

* * *

As a writer, I've always enjoyed writing both alternative and mainstream material. I also have a tendency to cross and/or mix several genres with each project.

I like to handle erotic fiction on the alternative side, and urban fantasy on the mainstream side (if I had to narrow it down to two specific categories).

Right now, I've started on projects that feature cyberpunk elves, incubi and succubi, and dragons (the first of which is set in The London Underground).

I guess what I like most about the "urban fantasy" genre is that blend of classical elements with something contemporary that's set in the post-modern era. While I do enjoy classical fantasy, I enjoy creating characters and stories that are set in the here and now. I've always liked the subjects of "popular culture" and "media and society" too, which mostly feature in contemporary times.

Urban fantasy also grounds the fantasy element in reality. I like working with opposites and trying to find a happy balance between extremities ;)

Most of my work is set in contemporary times (maybe because I grew up in an urban city!), including The Other Side of Life [Book #1 in the (Cyberpunk) Elven Trilogy].

This project (or should I say, "one third of this project," since I've two more installments of the trilogy to complete...) has run the full gamut--there've been ups and downs, points where I've been greatly inspired, and points where I've been greatly discouraged (due to the delicate blending of genres). That goes for most of my work, but this one is particularly intense, due to the amount and range of elements involved.

I've included a short list below, of the writing journey.

UPS: The concept of "cyberpunk elves" was pretty exciting--I felt like I couldn't just shelve it. The initial passion for the concept is probably what keeps me going, to see this project to its completion (this project utilizes scribbled-down notes and ideas from 2004, 2008, and 2010).

DOWNS: The long, drawn-out editing/revising process can get tedious. The Other Side of Life probably went through 4 or 5 major revisions. The first draft was "all right," but lacking in several ways. I felt the cyberpunk elements were too weak. I had to do better. I spent a few weeks/months "enhancing the details."

INSPIRATION: A big inspiration was probably George Orwell's 1984, one of my favorite books. I've always liked the fantasy genre--dragons and elves, in particular.

RESULT: Despite the antics I get up to (crossing genres, creating settings from scratch, etc.)…genre is usually secondary to me (contrary to what this article might suggest). Ultimately, it's the characters and the storyline that I am most concerned with.

IN ESSENCE: I thought the combination of cyberpunk and elves made for a really cool mix. I felt the concept of "cyberpunk elves" would be a unique and timely addition to the urban fantasy genre.

And despite the difficulties/intricacies, I look forward to developing this urban fantasy project to its completion and full potential.

* * *

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29 July 2011: Jess is currently close to completing a non-pornographic BDSM-themed anthology. She will be working on The Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy after seeing to Naked Heat (an incubus/succubus-themed anthology).

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