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TEACHER'S PET (BDSM Story.04 / May/December Relationship)

teacher student

Teacher's Pet ($2.99)

BUY: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)

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A truant student gets her lecturer's signature--and more--when she needs an official form signed.

* Writing style = simple/understated (a bit like Hemingway)

The focus is on the story, not erotic/romantic fluff.

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction (May/December Relationship),
with non-graphic BDSM elements.

LENGTH: Novelette, 13,200 words

Teacher's Pet features in the short story collections, PLAY (BDSM Anthology), and Primal Scream (full edition).

* * *


* This is the story in which the words "Primal Scream" (title for full anthology) appear (excerpt available in 3rd part of this blog post).

* * *


"You are not obscene as far as I can see. You write about emotion and you capture it and convey it beautifully. You have something very original and very contemporary."
customer email, March 2011 (from U.K.)

"Based on the three books I've read, I can say that you're a brilliant writer. They are not shallow reads. Your books do not only entertain but they also make you reflect on what is really important in one's life."
e-mail from a reader, 2011 (The Philippines)

* * *

EXCERPT (Perlah's short essay):

There is continuous pressure on women to have a successful career and have children, and at the age of nineteen, I'm already finding myself torn between wanting to pursue my chosen career path and wanting to have children. I'm not the only person having to consider these issues--some of my friends that are my age or slightly older, comment on feeling that aspects of their lives are put on hold to pursue a particular profession or lifestyle.

Particularly for young women, we are pressured to go to university, then to get a good job, then suddenly we are getting 'old' and we have to find a partner and build a relationship too. Who wants to have babies when they're too old? The compounded shock of parenthood and career becomes a huge source of stress. Not to mention maintaining looks well into the forties and beyond, then being criticized for being "artificial" if one resorts to botox fillers and collagen implants for some help.

At the end of the day, we all just want tomorrow to be better than today. We all want to find love and be liked for who we really are. We all want true happiness, one that isn't defined by what you can afford to buy or how much your income impresses others. These are just some of the million things nobody ever teaches anyone in school.

I like living in my head, because it's easier to find what I want there, than in real life. Living in my fantasy world makes me happy.

It offsets the bleak perspective I can have of the cold, cruel sadistic world we live in.

It sets me free to be whoever I want to be.

It sets me free to use my illusion.

* * *

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