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LKY's Singapore
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SWISS MISS (Incest Story.02)

swiss miss

Swiss Miss ($2.99)

Smashwords (multiple formats)

Title = Mature Audience


Listless Andy Acklin underestimates the hold his younger sister has over him, whos blossomed into a full fledged hottie. Tone of story = slightly arty/literary smut > hardcore.

Swiss Miss features in the short story collection, Incestiable.

LENGTH: Short Story | 8,000 words

* * *

REVIEW (on Incestiable):

"This is a nice sampling of Jess C Scott's incest erotica. There's a fair amount of variety within the erotic incest genre. [Ms. Scott] can weave a vivid tale of lust and love, bringing together lovers for casual sex or eternal devotion."
-- Traction_Bob / B&N Review

"I really enjoyed your story. There are some powerful emotions expressed. I like your modern media and pop references. Very good read. I like this young gen exploring all possibilities vibe in your story and will read more of your work. Also liked sense of suspense and tasting forbidden fruit making it all the sweeter."
-- Reader/Customer Email | Jan 2012

"Loved your book Incestiable, i really liked your story telling and your way of describing the character Andy's emotions and his love 4 his kin (in the story Swiss Miss). it kinda rekindled my romance with a cousin who is elder by 5 years n settled now. Andy's sexcapades brought back memories of the good times spent with her."
-- Email / Google Books customer, Aug 2012 (India)

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Q&A with Jess on Incest

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Andy gave his reflection in the darkened train window a quick look-over, before alighting. It was the first time his sister was flying in from Switzerland to visit him in Singapore. The two countries were 6,000 miles / 10,000 kilometers apart.

He thought back, over the past year or so that he had been stationed in this city-state. He wondered if Christina would be any different as an 18-year-old. It was just a year older than 17.

It seemed so long ago, since he had been 18, though technically, he hadnt even hit his mid-twenties yet. He still had a year to go, before he turned 25.

Hed gotten a good job, straight out of university. Singapore was a small but economically powerful country that welcomed foreigners with open arms, and Andy thought hed enjoy living in a different place for a while. He loved the sweltering heat, humidity, and the vibrant nightlife scene.

Just got here, he text-messaged Christina, who had just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago. She was coming over to stay for three weeks, before meeting a pen-pal from Malaysia, and traveling around Asia for a few months thereafter.

When hed first gotten here, hed been a little self-conscious of his height. He towered over many of the locals. But he now enjoyed the advantages of being tall. He surveyed the scene, looking at all the young couples swarming the train station at the hour, 9 p.m. He wondered how many of them were going at it like rabbits behind the privacy of closed doors. Or maybe in broad daylight?

A couple walked by, the doe-eyed girl gazing up into the boyfriends eyes, one hand around his arm. They had the same nose, eyes, and smile. Coincidence? They could pass off as relatives. First cousins. Maybe even siblings.

* * *

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