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SELF ANTHOLOGY (seven heavenly virtues)

seven virtues

SELF Anthology ($4.99)

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* * *

SUMMARY: A short story collection which links personal spiritual growth to each of the seven virtues.

* * *


There are seven virtues to directly counteract the seven deadly sins:

Chastity | Temperance | Charity | Diligence |
Patience | Kindness | Humility

SELF is a reflection of the journey of self-discovery and The Seven Virtues, where the only noble battle is the fight for inner personal freedom, spiritual health, goodness and growth.

Be awakened. Be empowered. Be inspired.

GENRE: Edgy Christian/Inspirational Fiction

LENGTH: 52,000 words

* * *


1. Touched (Chastity):
A group of friends find out how much they really have in common, the closer they get to temptation.

2. See-Saw (Temperance):
A teen unexpectedly discovers the drive that fuels her addiction to supernatural romance novels.

3. Hit the Floor (Diligence):
A struggling entrepreneur turns a disaster into an opportunity to put his true vision in action.

4. Heart 2 Heart (Kindness):
Sibling rivalry ensues between a pair of singer-entertainers with completely different outlooks on life.

5. Masquerade (Charity):
All's fine until churchgoers start to doubt the "most giving, most generous" one amongst them.

6. 13:4 (Patience):
Despite painful separations, a couple learns of love's endurance, the more time and space they allow for it to grow.

7. Spiral (Humility):
An upper middle-class family must come to terms with whether upholding tradition overrides the pursuit of happiness.

* * *



Jess's blog has an overview of the Seven Virtues (featuring a quick explanation of each virtue).

* * *


"Jess C Scott is a prolific writer…she experiments with a variety of genres and styles, but honesty and [a] sense of self flows through them all. Jess is a young talent with good technique and a natural sense of writing. Her potential is immense."
-- loafhunter13, LT review on Porcelain

"Dear Jess! By occasion I came to read some of your writings, which came to me as a fresh and original way of thinking/approach. . .The reason of my writings to you is [that] many years ago, I received a Word of the Lord in my mind, which is remarkably accurate with your vision of books."
-- e-mail from a male reader/customer / Full email here

"Based on the three books I've read, I can say that you're a brilliant writer. They are not shallow reads. Your books do not only entertain but they also make you reflect on what is really important in one's life."
-- e-mail from a reader, 2011 (The Philippines)

"Hello Ms. Scott: I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your novel Self was. I've always been interested in the Heavenly Virtues, which is why I purchased your book. It was amazing... I've always been known as the kind hearted one of the group, but lately I felt empty inside... Your book inspired and made me realize what I should do... Thank you for writing it."
-- private message / Facebook, 2012 (Texas, USA)

* * *



Karen: How did you come up with the title?

Jess: I completed a "seven deadly sins" anthology earlier in 2012, which left me feeling a little sullied. I decided to do a "seven virtues" anthology to showcase the better side of humanity. I called it Self because the short stories all contain the element of self-reflection and self-discovery.

~ Interview with Karen Baney / June 2012

~ Interview with Kevin Rau / June 2012

~ Moral Compass (blog post / Dec 2011)

* * *

EXCERPT [Story #1--Touched (Chastity)]:

"I wish we'll always be friends," Cheryl finished. She blabbered something safe and acceptable so they could get on with things.

I wish we'd have amazing first time sex! Cheryl wanted to say instead. She'd always had a high sex drive but she'd taken great pains to wait for the right person to be sexually active with (much to the dismay of several people who'd been dying to date her or bed her--probably both, she'd always correctly assumed).

But William--William was different. He was hot but charming, fun but nice. A good guy, the type that could be relied on. That was what Cheryl liked about him anyway, never mind his amazing good looks, though the eye candy was of course a big bonus.

"Come here, baby," Paul whispered to Misty, pulling her in close as he started to remove her jacket.

Aguilera? Nicole Scherzinger? Keith Urban? Cheryl thought to herself for a moment of some pop songs that had the words Paul had just spoken. She didn't think he was going to break out in song this time though.

Cheryl gave William a hug before they started French kissing.

It was lovely. They could feel the thrill in their bones.

Yes, tonight's the night--Cheryl was sure of it.

* * *

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