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By author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott
23 February 2013

Psychological thrillers and why I enjoy writing them. By Jess C Scott / jessINK.

As a writer, I've always enjoyed writing both alternative and mainstream material. With my early work (from mid-2009), I had a tendency to cross and/or mix several genres with each project.

I enjoy writing erotic stories because of my interest in gender, sexuality, and intimacy/intensity/relationship dynamics.

However, in mid-2012, I began to think of some projects in the "psychological thriller" genre, due to several reasons.

One of the things I find most intriguing about psychological thrillers is that the stories often make us question whether we should fear or sympathize with the villains. I am drawn to the psychological dimension where our perspectives on life and the human condition can be challenged and/or explored. Films/books/stories like Psycho, Se7en, Silence of the Lambs come to mind when I'm thinking of this aspect of psychological thrillers.

I like how the psychological thriller genre allows for a thorough and unrestrained exploration of subjects such as sex/death/murder. I elaborate a bit more on this in a blog post on the "8th House of Taboo" (re: my astrological chart).

Also, I like how psych thrillers are more likely to appeal to a wide audience, which is something I've always wanted to achieve (which is why I was jumping around writing in many different genres from 2009-2012, to see if there was a particular one I could try to FOCUS working in!).

My first psychological thriller is The Wilde Twins. It features evil twins who are serial killers in the making (the trilogy follows their lives through childhood, teenage, and adult years).


1. Wilde Twins
(Playmates | Bedmates | Soulmates)

Summary: A psychological thriller about a brother sister serial killing team--and their slow descent into amoral mayhem.

It's less explicit and taboo than some of my really taboo-themed erotic/contemporary short stories. I'm glad a couple of friends said, "Ooh, evil twins," when I first mentioned the plot to them, because I initially hadn't intended the siblings to be twins (it was a juicy detail I had conveniently forgotten).

That project was inspired by some of my taboo-themed works being banned. I wanted to try writing a story that would be more acceptable in the mainstream market (since part of the reason I want to gain a wider readership is so that more people can be exposed to my alternative/erotic projects too--both the taboo and non taboo-themed ones...).


2. Survival Trilogy
(Mercy | Truth | Loyalty)

Summary: A psychological thriller featuring a female serial killer and her insatiable lust for vengeance with the #RomanceKills murder project.
What would you do to survive?

My second psychological thriller is The Survival Trilogy. This one was inspired by the #RomanceKills hastag on Twitter, which came about as a result of a KSL article which compared romance novels to pornography.

Like many others, I am quite appalled at how the world has become completely overrun by Twilight-derivative vampire romance books.

I was also very perturbed when I read a friend's FB post about how Roald Dahl's books are no longer a favorite amongst schoolchildren (because they've been overtaken by: vampire romance books). Dismal, abysmal facts such as these are fueling the Survival project.

I've nothing against stuff people like, but this "teenage vampire romance novel" commodification is out of hand (and as a socially-minded author/artist/non-conformist, I don't mind "saying it as it is").

The plot unfolded pretty naturally for both the Wilde and Survival projects (both are pretty 8th house type projects, for the astrologically inclined). I've so far been following the outline I did for the Wilde trilogy. I hope to do the same with the Survival project.

I'm looking forward to developing more projects in the psychological thriller genre in future, where I can peacefully/happily explore the dark side of human nature.

After all, I derive quite a significant amount of pleasure from understanding and/or exploring what's in "the basement of the human being"
(c/o Sigmund Freud).


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