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PLAY / BDSM: Walkthrough

bad romance

PLAY / BDSM: Walkthrough
(freebie / promotional eBook)

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FREE (download): PDF | EPUB | Kindle


The PLAY / BDSM Anthology by Jess C Scott is a collection of BDSM-themed contemporary short stories.

Jess's aims with the stories were to:

(1) explore the psychosexual themes of BDSM, and

(2) share with others an authentic depiction of the wide range of activities in the BDSM scene.

PLAY / BDSM: Walkthrough is a freebie mini compilation.

In this promotional eBook, Jess talks about the themes and inspirations behind her (non-pornographic BDSM-themed) project.

GENRE: Education (Reference / Commentary)

LENGTH: 5,800 Words

* * *


I. Introduction:

Part A -- Fifty Shades of Twilight
Part B -- BDSM at jessINK

II. Excerpts + Commentaries:

1. Master & Servant ("intro" / rape fantasy / first bdsm)
2. Switch (role identity / switches)
3. Rockstar (knife/edge play)
4. Teacher's Pet (teacher/student relationship)
5. The Velvet Rope (shibari/mild erotic asphyxiation)

III. PLAY (BDSM) Anthology

* * *


"Dear Jess, I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your writing: your writing reflects something genuine, something real, about our generation that few writers have had the talent or the courage to uncover. Thank you."
-- e-mail from a male reader, 2010

"[Rockstar (Story #3 in the PLAY / BDSM Anthology)] is a sweet and well written short story. . .one thing leads to another and it all comes out. There is a nice knife play scene that I enjoyed and both the leads are very likeable."
-- Miss Asima, 11 July 2011

"Just read Real Love Versus Romance...loved the ideas & compilation of ideas...great!! :) i agreed with many of the points of how romance has been commercialized for effect instead of portraying the actual depth of true romance...i roll my eyes at what is considered "love stories" nowadays...even being a guy (haha), i can appreciate a story that portrays real love & shows depth in what romance is (means)..."
-- P.H. / Chesapeake, OH, April 2012

"This had me mesmerized! The stories are like no other. Without a doubt I have to read all of these books."
-- Alexandria Hall, review (unsolicited)

"TY Jess for the time and inspiration. So cool. When I read yr walkthrough I felt like I my mind had been read. You've made my weekend..."
-- @YrMonAmi / Grease is the Word

"Your comments articulate what I have been trying to put my finger on about erotica and porn, especially about trust and psychosexual power exchange versus abuse. The self-esteem issue regarding the Twilight and other YA lit is the best commentary I have seen on the subject."
-- Musician from Maine / Jan 2014 (via email)

* * *


EXCERPT [Introduction / Part I]:

. . .I've noticed that Fifty Shades of Grey seems to follow the same pattern of Twilight (virgin female protagonist with "sexual desires," who defines her entire sense of self-worth, self-identity and self-esteem according to "her man" who comes in the form of the "rich, handsome" piece that's part of the whole fairy tale syndrome).

That's fine for "commercial fluff."

But in the case of Twilight, it gets dangerous when mainstream tween fiction teaches girls to define themselves solely by their relationships.

What's Fifty Shades of Grey teaching women? That the holy trinity of obsession, low self-esteem, and abusive behavior packaged as "mommy porn" is the new love story?

As a person who's had a long-time interest in the psychosexual themes of both BDSM and the erotic life in general, I thought I'd share with others some of the deeper perspectives that aren't covered by a mainstream mass media that's only interested in reaping in profits via the next cash cow franchise.

No matter how much I might loathe many commercial franchises, I do care about the people that these franchises exploit (or "seek to appease," to put it more politely).

"Mommy porn" is just like any other type of porn--it's an adult fantasy that's designed to titillate and/or arouse the reader/customer (and generate profits for the supplier).

Is porn really how we should define our sex lives?


fifty shades parodybdsmlove


"My Inner Goddess"
(a Fifty Shades parody)
PLAY: BDSM Anthology (BDSM stories)
Real Love vs. Romance (informal essays; freebie)

* * *

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