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psychological thriller

The Art of Erotic Writing
[re: quality sexual literature]

Brought to you by JCS / jessINK

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PLAY (BDSM Anthology)

play bdsm

PLAY (BDSM Anthology) / $6.99

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A realistic collection of non-pornographic BDSM stories. Themes include a bondage fantasy, knife play, and erotic asphyxiation.


jessINK is pleased to present the first collection of Jess C Scott’s BDSM-themed stories.

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction
(explores the psychosexual themes of BDSM)

LENGTH: 1 short story + 4 novelettes | 68,000 words

* Due to the author's personal beliefs on the subject of BDSM, this collection is non-pornographic in nature. The S/M elements are also more mild than extreme in this collection [Jess makes no guarantees for future work ;)].

* This BDSM collection features in the Primal Scream anthology
(full edition = best value).

* * *


FREE! Jess talks about the themes and inspirations behind her (non-pornographic BDSM-themed) project, in Play/BDSM: Walkthrough.

* * *


1. Master & Servant ("intro" / first bdsm):
Stacia wakes up to find herself in the middle of her fantasy--that has come true.

2. Switch (role identity / switches):
Christopher Creme and Kaja Kunis switch things up by switching D/s roles in their relationship.

3. Rockstar (knife/edge play):
Hideki brings on the knife and bondage play to help Daniel come face-to-face with his dEniAl.

4. Teacher's Pet (May/December relationship):
A truant student gets her lecturer's signature--and more--when she needs an official form signed.

5. The Velvet Rope (shibari/mild erotic asphyxiation):
A disenchanted lady boss recruits a personal toy boy, before the complexities of a recent divorce send her completely over the edge.

* * *




REVIEWS (unsolicited):

* Enters Bestseller Lists!
Debuts at #14 in Kindle Store > Social Sciences > Popular Culture |, August 2011

* * *


"[Rockstar] is a sweet and well written short story about two guys who love each other but they're both waiting for the other to come around. One thing leads to another and it all comes out. There is a nice knife play scene that I enjoyed and both the leads are very likeable."
— Miss Asima (GoodReads), 11 July 2011

"I just wanna say I'm glad there's writers like Jess who cross gender and indeed social barriers with the work she produces. I look forward to indulging in it."
— J.S. (from U.K.)

"[Jess's writing is] raw [and] full of brio. It’s very contemporary. It has personality and energy. It deals with modern issues in a very modern way."
— Joseph Grinton | "Don't Run Away From Sex"

"a lot of stories with the 'bdsm' label focus heavily on the 'fetish wear' and 'd/s' labels--i liked this story as it handled the psyche and 'power play' with regards to bdsm in an original and non-gimmicky kind of way. 'bdsm' can be such an interesting topic that way, which was handled well by the author here--the writing was hot, intense, and very real."
— hk82 / B&N review on 'Master & Servant', 23 January 2011

"You are an inspiration. Thanks for all that you do. . .and for your talented writing. I love artists."
— E-mail from a "very socially liberal person"

"Love your BDSM Anthology."
— XM (paralegal secretary) / FB private message | 2012

"TY Jess for the time and inspiration. So cool. When I read yr BDSM walkthrough I felt like I my mind had been read. You've made my weekend..."
-- @YrMonAmi / Grease is the Word

"1st book of 2014 I've read is by @jesscscott. Play (BDSM Anthology) - great read. I'm part of the bdsm community & love how she took it on."
-- @stupideyed / Twitter

* * *

EXCERPT #1 (from Rockstar):

Hideki raised the blindfold over Daniel's eyes.

Hideki was in the thigh-high boots he was wearing earlier, but in a short leather skirt this time, which ended just above the top of the black leather boots.

Daniel felt a warmth in his heart--Hideki was a marvellous sight to behold, breathtaking as ever. But Daniel inched back, throat tight, when he saw the knife in Hideki's hand. It was a medium-sized knife.

But even a small blade could cut deep.

* * *

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