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OWNED (short stories about murder)


Owned (freebie)

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Passion. Murder. Bloodlust.

Among these nefarious stories, siblings strengthen their bond by plotting against their aggressor; an animal lover seeks revenge on devotees of the exotic skins trade; and a psychiatrist gets what's coming to him when he abuses the trust of a jaded client.

These stories take readers straight to the scene of the crime, exploring just how and why people are driven over the edge--and driven to kill.

The OWNED collection is approximately 14,000 words long.

A couple of stories contain a speculative element.

Stories Include:

1. Beloved Brother
2. Heart's Blood
3. My Chance Encounter
4. Skins
5. Ms. Zeri ("Misery")
6. Owned

GENRE: Psychological / Crime Fiction | 14,000 words

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indie_books |

"A great original masterpiece."
-- Hell Horror / Review on Playmates

"Visceral and exciting...beautifully twisted..."
-- Joseph Grinton, author of "Winternights" (UK)

"I can't remember the last time I'd had a true 'what the hell did I just read?' moment."
-- Ben Sobieck /

"I'm psyched to have read the fourth story, Skins!
Love the theme and the message at the end."
-- Email from a reader (Florida, USA)

"I love the energy this cover expresses and the way the type treatment works so well with the illustration."
-- JF /

"Each tale was exciting as the last. Perfect for fans of
psychological crime fiction."
-- Editor's Note / Freebooksy

-- 5 Stars from Readers' Favorite (2014)

* * *

EXCERPT (Owned):

For a moment, she shifted her thoughts to the boat trip where they could dispose of the gun out at sea, during an ordinary sightseeing trip later that day to one of the region's local fish farms.

"Do you remember that news article about the police?" Lyla said to her twin sister. "Where they mentioned giving the mini-revolver a bleach bath?"

"Sure," Liana scowled, narrowing her dark eyes. "It was gross. Do not remind me."

"I just did," Lyla sniggered, waving her revolver in the air. The Smoking Gun had reported that a nineteen year-old was arrested in Tennessee for driving without a license. A female cop performed a routine search when she noticed an unknown object in the teenager's groin. The female cops later discovered a 4-inch mini-revolver stashed in the blond perp's private parts.

The gun-toting twin took a photo on her digicam once her sister managed to tape Randy's mouth shut.

* * *

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