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NAKED HEAT ANTHOLOGY (incubus + succubus stories)

incubus succubus

Naked Heat Anthology ($4.99)

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Naked Heat #1
(a collection of incubus and succubus stories):

Where sex demons of the night come out to play...

Where the way of life is all about seduction—its rules, its pleasures, its secrets...

Where there are no true substitutes for devilish delights.

GENRE: Paranormal/Occult | 86,000 words

NOTE #1: The author's brand of "paranormal fiction" tends to be more
complex/spiritual > commercial (lots of ground to cover!). The focus
is on the story, not romantic/erotic fluff.

NOTE #2: If you purchased any of the stories below before April 2012, please email Jess for a complimentary copy of Naked Heat :)

* * *


1. The Devilin Fey (incubus):
A demure young woman unleashes the "devil in" her, through the intimacy with an incubus—her incubus.

2. SVEN (incubus):
An incubus makes it his mission to rectify a teen starlet's first sexual mis-encounter.

3. Tongue-Tied (succubus):
Featuring a voyeuristic succubus driven by jealousy and a dangerous fixation.

4. KYLIE (succubus):
Kylie, a cougar succubus, gets involved in a complicated love quadrangle, where delirium and violent passions fuel unbridled killer instincts.

5. Bonus Material: Includes guest articles, interview with the author, and the "beginning" of the love triangle plot in The Darker Side of Life (Book #2, Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy).

* * *


"Devilishly delicious."
— Horror Author, Andy Love

"...the author really hits her stride in paranormal stories."
— Review @ Bitten by Books

"[The Devilin Fey] was erotic without being pornographic, emotional without being sappy, spiritual without being preachy…just enjoyable reading. Kudos to Jess Scott."
— Paul G. / Amazon review (unsolicited)

* * *


Pav: What inspired you to write Sven (incubus-themed novella)?

Jess: I've always liked the interplay between sexual and spiritual energy. Both are very potent as creative forces, and respecting these two departments (sex and spirituality) allows me to explore and navigate new directions with many projects.

-- Interview with Pavarti K. Tyler / Dec 2011

-- Tempt (short article re: "if Jess's first date had been an
incubus...") / Jan 2012

* * *

EXCERPT (Story #2, SVEN):

Sven was right up at the edge of Chelsea Church’s bed. He knew all her secrets—he’d been watching the Teen Queen for a while, since a couple of years ago, during his earliest days as an incubus. She had been through so much—so, so, much—and her demons were catching up with her.

Chelsea was a teen pop singing sensation, a young, slim but curvy, fresh-faced reddish-brunette that had inherited the best genes from each of her parents. One couldn’t find a sweeter eighteen-year-old.

Chelsea rocketed to stardom after a music executive discovered her YouTube channel, of her dancing to and singing other people’s songs in cover versions. A production committee penned the ballads of teen love for her first two albums. She had a flurry of BillBoard Top 10 hits, was earning her own keep at sixteen, driving a $100,000 Mercedes at seventeen, and was the spokesperson for a major international cosmetic brand. She was famous.famous.famous, filthy rich and famous. She was the ultimate teen starlet others could only dream of being.

She had been packaged ever since she appeared on the scene, as the wholesome, innocent girl-next-door. Her estranged parents were in on it too, each struggling to cash in more on their daughter’s every perfect move and pretty pose.

But she couldn’t be a slut, even if she wanted to—which a small part of her truly did—and she knew it. She was trapped in the manufactured image the whole world expected of her.

Sven considered himself a man-slut. He was entitled to be one, as an incubus which fed on the sexual energy of mortals while they were asleep at night. He’d have his fair share of sampling the female populace whether he was a human or an incubus. But a guy could do that, and it’d be okay, whereas a girl who dated two boyfriends at once would be labeled a whore.

Sexist, much? he’d always thought.

* * *

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