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LKY's Singapore
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Media Kit

A brief introduction to jessINK / Jess C Scott.

Media Kit (PDF Download)

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a) Mission Statement
b) Quick Fact Sheet
c) Areas of Expertise
d) Reader/Customer Testimonials

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jessINK is a publishing company dedicated towards creating "meaningful entertainment." We focus on substance over short-term success with current fads and marketing hype.

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BLURB (c/o The Arts House)

"Bold, fearless and always original, Jess C Scott blazes her own trail in the literary world. Writing in a variety of genres, Jess dares to bring to light some of our darkest fantasies."

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Jess C Scott is the author of EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, 4:Play, and The Wilde Twins. Jess is currently focusing on crime fiction and psychological thrillers.

As a creative professional, Jess experiments with a variety of genres and styles to produce "authentic, original work. . .rather than the same old re-packaged mass-market pulp" ( Her literary work has been featured in a diverse range of publications, such as ITCH Magazine, The Battered Suitcase, and Word Riot.

Jess has been described as the 21st century Judy Blume" (Review on EyeLeash: A Blog Novel). Regardless of the genre, "honesty and [a] sense of self flows through [Jess's writing]" (LT review).

Jess was a research assistant for the 2010 Jossey-Bass/Wiley publication, MY LIE. She participated in a debate at the 2012 Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), and was a guest speaker in New Word Order.

Her work is available in public libraries nationwise.

In 2014, Jess started blogging about socio-political issues in Singapore. Her work has been featured in The Online Citizen and The Malaysian Insider.

* * *


Jess is available for interviews and features on a range of topics relating to writing, publishing, popular culture, and sexuality. Her background as an author, artist and non-conformist give Jess a unique perspective on the art of writing and the business of publishing. She is known for writing "books [that] not only entertain but [make one] reflect on what is really important in one's life (reader/customer email, The Philippines)."

Jess addresses a variety of interview/article topics, including:

* Balancing Art and Commerce
* A feminine perspective on writing about sex
* Indie Publishing (taking it seriously; tips for success)
* Entrepreneurship
* New media writing / electronic literature
* The concept of erotica versus pornography
* Writing psychological fiction
* Censorship of select titles
* Writing crime fiction
* Sociopolitical blogging


"Hi there. I heard a friend of mine bring up your name over Christmas and she told me I needed to read your books. Thanks so much and I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you!"
L.J. / via e-mail, January 2011 (USA)

"Thank you so much for writing EyeLeash: A Blog Novel. I could totally relate to Jade, sadly my Novan wasnt right for me. Cant wait to read your other books :)"
twitter message, from reader in Scotland (2009)

"Dear Jess, I just wanted to say how much Ive enjoyed your writing: your writing reflects something genuine, something real, about our generation that few writers have had the talent or the courage to uncover.
Thank you."
e-mail from a male reader, 2010

"[Jess's writing is] raw sometimes and a little rough around the edges, but its full of brio. Its very contemporary. It has personality and energy. It deals with modern issues in a very modern way."
Joseph Grinton (UK) | "Don't Run Away From Sex"

"You have a great web page layout and smokin' work. I have a few of your pieces on my Nook and I caught my husband reading them the other day. He does not usually like erotica but did yours. He is very conservitive, on the outside. He is slowly changing I think."
e-mail from a female reader, 2011

"Based on the three books I've read, I can say that you're a brilliant writer. They are not shallow reads. Your books do not only entertain but they also make you reflect on what is really important in one's life."
e-mail from a reader, 2011 (The Philippines)

"[Jess C Scott] has a voice that should be heard."
R. Simon (Amazon/customer review on The Devilin Fey), 2010

"You know I love your work! =)"
Gill Grylls, Guitar/Drum Guru
(has worked with Slipknot, Rush, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Sevendust, Britney Spears, Xtina, KISS, Primus, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Backstreet Boys, Steve Vai, 311, etc.)

"I have to honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by The Other Side of Life. Not only was it extremely well edited, but the plot was more well written than some house published books Ive read. Truly, this was an incredible fantasy novel and a series Im hoping Jess C Scott keeps up with, because shes obviously extremely talented."
Review @ There's A Book

"...I'm going to go read [Literary Heroin] now. I love Twilight parodies! And thank you for [dedicating the Bad Romance anthology] to me. I am honored. Thank you!"
Michael K (USA) @

"'s one thing to learn about your woman's past, and it's quite another to be put right there. I had to rush through the last ten pages like they were on fire. It was one hell of an experience. I love you regardless."
Mystery Man | Review on Jack in the Box

"@jesscscott showed me the path when I nearly lost my faith in myself. Awesome Author & fan Xo"
@YrMonAmi (New Zealand) | on BDSM: Walkthrough

"Please write more about Singapore's politics. We need more independent minds that dare to write."
email from a 53 y/o male reader (Singapore/USA)

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TIP SHEET: Q&A's and more.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please contact Jess @ jessINK.

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