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Master & Servant ($2.99)

BUY: Smashwords (multiple formats)

Title = Mature Audience


Stacia wakes up to find herself in the middle of her fantasy—that has come true.

Content = M/F/M threesome + slightly twisted romance (second part) + BDSM themes.

GENRE: Contemporary/Erotic Fiction | 7,300 words

Master & Servant features in the short story collection,
PLAY (BDSM Anthology)

* * *


* It is Jess's personal belief that it is the 'how' and 'why' which define the quality and substance of the bdsm lifestyle one leads. For this reason, her bdsm-themed material tends to focus on the internal dynamics, more so than typically graphic scenes. There is more to the erotic life than explicitness ;)

* Enters Bestseller Lists!
#1 in Kindle Store > Nonfiction > Psychology > Sexuality |, April 2011
#64 in Kindle Store > Fiction > Short Stories |, April 2011

Debuts at #410 on B&N | Jan 2011
#987 Paid in Kindle Store |, April 2011

* * *


"…Very nice story! I’m looking fwd to part 2. Pls tell me there is a part 2!"
-- Twitter/Customer message

"I liked this story for many reasons, it was an easy read, and tastefully done."
-- JamieLBaker1 (22 May 2011) / B&N review

"just read some of your stories on my kindle. nice work! first read i bought last night on kindle was your story Master & Servant...I need to check out the ones Amazon banned lol..."
-- GuitarTechGill_XXX (drum/guitar tech for Slipknot and other rock bands/artistes) / Twitter message, Aug 2011

"I recently read your bdam anthology, and I can't tell you how thrilled I was when you named this first story after Depeche Mode lyrics!"
-- Virgo from Utah / FB message, Jan 2013

* * *

EXCERPT (Page 3):

“Sta-cia…” a male voice says to her. He holds up the piece of paper, reading out the line from the chat transcript. He doesn’t imitate Stacia’s or a female voice, he just whispers it in her ear: “I always wanted it to happen…some guy to take me…when I’m completely powerless…”

Stacia feels cold pinpricks going all over the surface of her skin. She knows she’s standing completely in the nude—she feels no weight or constriction of any fabric on her skin, as she twists to the side slightly.

“Mmmm—” is the only muffle of objection she can make, the ball gag shaping her mouth in the perpetual ‘o’ being denied its satisfaction. How does the person know one of her deepest, darkest desires?

Some music comes on, just then, from some speakers somewhere in one corner of the room: a haunting instrumental tune, with some choir vocals in the background. It’s a subdued yet epic tune, an odd mix, with an intense baseline from a highly processed drum kit. It chills her to the bone, yet soothes her at the same time, like she’s preparing to meet her maker. Or should I say…master? she thinks.

She suddenly recalls the conversation she had online with a friend, Adrian, not too long ago. Had someone hijacked his computer? Someone like…his roommate?

But Stacia remembers Adrian doesn’t really have a roommate—he stays with his aunt in a small house, off-campus.

It can’t be Adrian. He’s a Math major, and the ultimate crown prince of geekdom. She’s known him for several years—same school, from grade school all the way to university—but only chats with him online during late nights when there were few other people online. She won’t ever admit it to anyone, but she’s always enjoyed “bragging” to him about her sexual prowess and expertise, and high sex drive. It makes her feel good and empowered. It makes her feel like a wild child and that she’s so much cooler than him, and everyone that’s like him.

They’ve talked a lot about sex and relationships, since it’s on their minds a lot of the time. Adrian’s a male virgin, who’s heard lots about Stacia’s sexcapades—sometimes in great detail. She blabbers to him and gets things off her chest when she is “in between” boyfriends, and just needs to vent things out. He knows some things about her that her boyfriends don’t—for instance, that she’d been a vaginal virgin, longer than she had been an anal virgin. She liked to keep her dating history “in the past,” with her lovers.

She told Adrian that as a teen, she hadn’t wanted to lose her virginity yet, so she did oral and anal for a few years, before she finally let Ryan’s (her current boyfriend) dick go up her pussy. She’d pushed the rest back to her asshole, if they went near her cunt.

Adrian had always found it amusing that a guy could be drilling Stacia up her ass while she considered herself to be a virgin. Her intent had been to present herself as such when she found “Mr. Right.”

* * *

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