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KYLIE (Succubus Story.02)


KYLIE ($2.99)

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Kylie, a cougar succubus, gets involved in a complicated love quadrangle, where delirium and violent passions fuel unbridled killer instincts.

Included in the Naked Heat anthology (incubus/succubus stories).

* Jess's brand of 'paranormal fiction' tends to be more complex/spiritual > commercial (lots of ground to cover!). The focus is on the story, not romantic/erotic fluff.

GENRE: Paranormal/Occult | 28,000 words

* * *


"…the author really hits her stride in paranormal stories."
-- Review @ Bitten By Books

"I think what you do is bold and great--I myself am bisexual. I've seen pople get picked on lot but I haven't. In my generation it's 'hot'. Some people even do it for the hell of it which I find crazy. I love your stories."
-- UC Berkeley Student (reader/customer email), Dec 2011

* * *


1: Kylie (Intro)

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned."

Mikhail begins his confession by making the sign of the cross while the priest gives him a blessing.

"What is your confession?" Father Abagnale, ever-so-kind, waits quietly and patiently.

Mikhail runs a hand along the back of his neck, a tired hand with chipped fingernails. Nail biting's a nasty habit of his when he's stressed and anxious.

I stay where I am, hidden in the shadows, wings arched and folded back slightly.

I stay because I know both these men.

Oh, Mikhail--what grave sins have you committed? My hidden, crouching body leans forward to eavesdrop on the rest of the confession, ears ready to pick up all of the juicy details of gossip gold.

* * *

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