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UN Declaration of Human Rights
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Instantaneous (In)sanity ($2.99)

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Featuring 500 haiku from the personal collection of author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott.

Jess's style of (pseudo-)haiku more or less follows SciFaiku's three major principles of minimalism, immediacy and human insight.

GENRE: Poetry (500+ haiku)

* Contains a few erotic/sensual haiku from Jess's first erotic anthology, 4:Play. Includes a selection of stock photography from Dreamstime.

* * *


Excerpts of Instantaneous (In)sanity were originally published in UnMasked Online, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Mirror Dance, Madswirl, Clean Sheets, Yellow Mama, and Nefarious Ballerina.

* * *


"Really complex, interesting writing...I look forward to reading more from this author."
-- mim06290,

"Maybe you receive hundreds of messages daily but I'd like to tell you you're a great woman + author!!! You're simply honest and free with yourself and everybody. Good work."
-- N.R. (from Lebanon | Facebook message)

"Just read Real Love Versus Romance...loved the ideas & compilation of ideas...great!! :) I agreed with many of the points of how romance has been commercialized for effect instead of portraying the actual depth of true romance. . . a lot has been lost to appease a tween generation or to generally confuse people of all ages on the expectations of romance..."
-- P.H. / Chesapeake, OH (April 2012)

* * *



~ The Chosen One - Jess C Scott
(Interview / April 2012)

~ Haiku Hoopla - Q&A with JCS
(Interview / August 2012)

* * *

EXCERPT (from the "Introduction"):

"As a poet, I enjoy writing about what I love the most: examining life in all its lovely ambiguity, grittiness, glory and despair. I enjoy discovering new ways of looking at universal concepts and old ways of looking at the new and unfamiliar. I like writing about what makes us human, and exploring the complexity of the human psyche.

This collection presents (slightly more than) five hundred haiku that I've written over the ages of 9 to 25, as I tried (and continue to try) to maintain some level of sense and sanity as I go about my daily existence.

Thank you for joining me on this personal journey of reflection and introspection, via my first collection of haiku titled:

-- Jess C Scott |


EXCERPT (3 Haiku):

Functions in Analysis
God made us a brain
To sustain the insane pain
Of testing its use.

Figures, dancing in
The Shadows, quick yet silent
Under the Moonlight.

Ever been kissed?
Of course--Describe it
--Why?--I want to know if you've
Ever seen Heaven.

* * *

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