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INCESTIABLE (Incest Erotica, Short Stories)


Incestiable / s.story collection ($6.99)

Smashwords (multiple formats)
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Title = Mature Audience

* Also available (as Fashion Icon/special edition)
in Primal Scream (full anthology).

* Note to readers/customers re: Jess's future work(s) of this theme.

* * *


Featuring the first collection of Jess C Scott’s (bestselling) incest-themed erotic short stories.

1. Wicked Lovely (siblings):
Ed has been (guiltily) attracted to “Goddess Julie” for as long as he can remember—but moves out once he finishes high school. Unexpectedly, Julie discovers she has similar sentiments…

2. Swiss Miss (siblings):
Listless Andy Acklin underestimates the hold his younger sister has over him, who’s blossomed into a full fledged hottie.

3. Crunk (mother-son):
Cougar on the prowl Rachel Coker turns her attention to Brent, her 20-year-old son.

4. Ringfinger (siblings):
22-year-old Nathan Karim proves his lifetime commitment and loyalty to Maya Karim, three days before Maya’s wedding day.

5. Spinning Around (father-daughter):
48-year-old Deryk Wolf’s not-so-little girl shows her appreciation for his support of her passion for fashion.

* * *


"I love the fact that the writer is not scared of taboo subjects, I love to read and learn about different things, and I am very glad that there are authors out there like [Jess]."
-- melanie alexander, 2010

"I just wanna say I'm glad there's writers like Jess who cross gender and indeed social barriers with the work she produces. I look forward to indulging in it."
-- J.S. (from U.K.)

"This is a nice sampling of Jess C. Scott's incest erotica. There's a fair amount of variety within the erotic incest genre. Of the five stories, three involve siblings, one with mother-son incest, and one with father-daughter incest. The tone is fairly casual, without the epic build-up in these stories that are in some. [Ms. Scott] can weave a vivid tale of lust and love, bringing together lovers for casual sex or eternal devotion. I generally like her style. . .it's good, quick erotica."
-- Traction_Bob / B&N Review

"I think anyone who has the guts to write good incest erotica needs to be lauded. What inspired you to write on [this] theme?"
-- J. K. / Goodreads message, May 2011 (USA)

"Loved your book Incestiable, i really liked your story telling and your way of describing the character Andy's emotions and his love 4 his kin. it kinda rekindled my romance with a cousin who is elder by 5 years n settled now. Andy's sexcapades brought back memories of the good times spent with her."
-- email / Google Books customer, Aug 2012 (India)

"Peace be upon you, Jess. You are so zheng ah (means "good" or "great" in Cantonese). Bought your book Wicked Lovely on Amazon and it's in my Kindle Library. But the exams are nearing... hoping to read soon. You are so sweet. P.S. I wish you were my sister."
-- Facebook message, Dec 2012 (PhD student, South Asia)

* Listed as "Related Books" with Theatre of Incest (Dalkey Archive Press), and House of Incest (Anaïs Nin), on Google Books (3 August 2011).

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REVIEWS (unsolicited):

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EXCERPT (from Story #1, Wicked Lovely):

I felt like an animal, and animals don't know sin, do they?

* * *

+ Longer excerpt available @ Smashwords +



Jan 2013: Introducing Bro Sis Diaries,
Jess's second taboo collection ;)

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