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UN Declaration of Human Rights
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Here are direct links to work that's appeared in online literary magazines, journals, etc. Several of these are available in my portfolio/book, Porcelain.


Passion and Perseverance -- guest post at Under30CEO.

Beyond The Hype of Fifty Shades -- re: quality sexual literature.

Singapore's Education System -- my most viewed blog post (socio-political).


EyeLeash: A Blog Novel -- first 2 chapters (Jess's debut book).

Meaning of Love, Life -- via excerpts from my written work.

No Answer (flash fiction) -- 55 Words (mainstream).

Porcelain (short story) -- Word Riot (literary/experimental fiction).

Playing the Flute -- UnMasked Online (erotic content).

Dessert Anyone? -- UnMasked Online.

New Order -- Oysters & Chocolate (homo-erotic).

The Only One -- Oysters & Chocolate (homo-erotic).

Blue Eyes Blue -- 50 to 1 (paranormal).

Evolution -- Xenith (literary/speculative).

The Evil Man -- Clockwise Cat (literary/offbeat fiction).

Beloved Brother -- Bards and Sages Quarterly (horror short fiction).


Slates of Grey (a personal favorite of mine) -- featured in Conceit Magazine (literary/print issue) and Yareah Magazine.

Wired -- The Battered Suitcase / Vagabondage Press (literary).

quote me -- ITCH e.04 (preText/Poetry).

The Publishing Industry -- satirical haiku set (sense of humor required).

5 Haiku Poems -- Clean Sheets (erotic content).

The One With The Shoes + 3 Haiku (issue No. 3) -- Nefarious Ballerina (intelligent erotica).

Unicorn Haiku -- Mirror Dance (fantasy).

2 Fib Poems -- AlienSkin Magazine (speculative fiction).

[+5] -- Yellow Mama (cutting edge fiction & poetry).

The Boy At The Train Station -- AMULET ("for poetry at its finest" -- snazzy).

night light -- Side of Grits / Rural Messengers Press (literary/experimental).


Dragon Prose + Poems (those with my name) --, my all-things-draconian website. Also available as an eBook!

Symbols of Greed and Power -- Yareah Magazine (2009; Spain)

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