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These are actual questions I've been asked.

Reader Questions | Writer Questions



1) "Eww, incest! Teenage sex *gasp*! Where are your morals?!"

Ans: As a writer, I personally consider it immoral to deny and/or censor characters' honest thoughts and feelings about something (especially when the topic is sexual). I could not face my characters and readers/customers if I chose (or was forced/threatened) to do otherwise.


2) "Did you steal a love quote from 'Billy'?"

Ans: I think I did, and he has been on my mind ever since
(re: a love quotation).


3) "I NEED to read one of your books, Wicked Lovely!! Is it available in print?"

Ans: WL is part of 4:Play (my first erotic short story collection), Fashion Icon (taboo-themed), and Primal Scream (my expansive second erotic anthology).


4) "You write in many different genres--do you have a favourite?"

Ans: Not really--I think it's because I usually focus on the characters + storyline (regardless of genre).


5) "How much of EyeLeash: A Blog Novel is real?"

Ans: About 65%.


6) "When will Book.02 in The Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy be released?"

Ans: When I can think of something better [I'm not putting it out if I myself am bored or uninspired by the plot ;)]. As of July 2013, I am scrapping the original drafts for Book02 and Book03 and starting over.

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1) "I like your covers--is there a possibility you could create a cover? What do you charge? Any advice on book cover art?"

Ans: I'm mostly focused on writing at the moment, so I don't currently do freelance design work [but thanks for your interest :)]. You might get some book cover artist recommendations on Kindleboards. I also share some tips/advice on the following guest blog post: Book Cover Design Tips!


2) "Any advice for an aspiring writer like me?"

Short Version: Read, write, repeat
(and here's my indie author 3-point advice post).

Longer Version: Have clearly-defined goals. If your sole goal with self-publishing is to maximize profits, target a commercial niche that has a large audience. If you have other intrinsic goals, you should respect those goals if you're not the type that is able to relinquish personal/artistic integrity (excerpt from interview with Kevin Rau).


3) "I have a book with content that some may find offensive.
Do you have any advice?"

My longer answer has more details.



self publishing

Self-Publishing Wiz is a selection of blog posts (that I wrote from 2009-2012) which capture the true power and spirit of the 21st-century self-publishing revolution. You might find it useful ;)


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