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(essays on the difference between substance and fluff)


Real Love Vs. Romance (freebie)


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A 4500-word mini collection of (informal) essays on commercialism's de-spiritualizing effects on society, by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott.

GENRE: Essays | 4,500 words

* Available in the print version of Literary Heroin: A Twilight Parody.

"The problem is that while most of us know that the idea of a perfect relationship is unrealistic, some of us are still more influenced by media portrayals than we realise."

-- Dr Bjarne Holmes, psychologist (The Telegraph)

* * *

UPDATE (2013):

I got a lot of things out of my system with a Twilight parody and Fifty Shades parody, so I'm less "aggressive" now :P

I've left the original note and essays below. Some exciting events in November (2012) also got me to "feel better" about things...

* * *


"This is a mini collection of short essays on arts, culture, society, and my resistance towards commodity production and 100%-commercialization. Nothing annoys me more than a shallow, obsessive, dangerous, unequal 'romance' that's actually based on lust or physical attraction, a romance that is portrayed as the ideal.

This is a theme that has become very popular in mainstream/commercial YA fiction (mostly due to the commercial success of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga). This is precisely why one of the genres I work in is Young Adult Fiction.

I am open-minded and enjoy hearing different perspectives. Feel free to contact me anytime if you'd like to share your thoughts :)"

* * *


"Ever since I came across Jess C Scott's teenage blog novel, EyeLeash, I've known that some very talented writers will emerge from the epublishing revolution."
-- Joseph Grinton / October 2011

"Dear Jess! By occasion I came to read some of your writings, which came to me as a fresh and original way of thinking/approach. . .The reason of my writings to you is [that] many years ago, I received a Word of the Lord in my mind, which is remarkably accurate with your vision of books."
-- E-mail from a male reader/customer / Full email here

"Just read Real Love Versus Romance...loved the ideas & compilation of ideas...great!! :) i agreed with many of the points of how romance has been commercialized for effect instead of portraying the actual depth of true romance...i roll my eyes at what is considered "love stories" nowadays...even being a guy (haha), i can appreciate a story that portrays real love & shows depth in what romance is (means)....a lot has been lost to appease a tween generation or to generally confuse people of all ages on the expectations of romance..."
-- P.H. / Chesapeake, OH (April 2012)

"I agree. Something does need to be done about the general public's lack of awareness of these fundamental issues that underpin a lot of other, 'bolder' issues even if they aren't generally thought of as affecting such things. The fact is, they do, and that's where the great possibility for harm lies."
-- 2,700-word email from reader (X19, 2013) / Full email here

"I read this collection of essays in one delicious gulp. As I read I felt I was hearing a good friend speak, a kindred spirit, who understands how I feel about the world, and what's become of it. Though I'm a bit older than Scott, and therefore likely much more of a curmudgeon, much of what she writes in these essays resonates with me."
-- 365 Days of Verse (March 2013)

* * *


The four essays in this eBook were originally published on jessINK (packaged here for convenience):

[1] Commercialism + Mass Media Influence on Society
[2] The traditional publishing industry
[3] 'Elite' is not the same as 'Elitist'
[4] Real Love Versus Romance


+ [AUTHOR Q&A] +

// Featuring excerpts by Shelly Barclay, and an interview with Matt Posner.

// Awesome cover art by artist/activist/designer, Michael Thompson.

* * *

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(Chapter 1: Synopsis)
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Romantic comedies make us 'unrealistic about relationships'

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