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erotic art

The Art of Erotic Writing


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In this promotional eBook, Jess C Scott talks about the themes and inspirations behind her works of erotic fiction. Features an essay on Fifty Shades of Grey, along with interviews and excerpts from various blog tours.

* 'Erotic fiction' here refers to literature which deals openly and excitingly with sexuality as a part of human experience.

LENGTH: 11,000 Words

NOTE: Some material is M18+

* * *


++ Introduction ++

1. Critical Analysis: Fifty Shades of Grey
2. Jess's Erotic Stash (recommended reading / sex education)
3. Gender Fluidity / Social Construct of Gender
4. Taboo Sexual Relations
5. BDSM at jessINK
6. Religion & Sex
7. The Art of Erotic Writing
8. Your Views (Q&A Invitation on Porn vs. Erotica)

++ Further Reading (articles online only) ++

Sexuality vs. Sensuality
by Virginia Stewart-Avalon, M.Ed.

* * *

UPDATE / May 2013:


erotic art

Erotica and Porn: A polite request for clearer distinctions to be
made--and how YOU can help :)

* * *


"Dear Jess, I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your writing: your writing reflects something genuine, something real, about our generation that few writers have had the talent or the courage to uncover. Thank you."
-- Reader/Customer Email, 2010 (USA)

"[The Devilin Fey] was erotic without being pornographic, emotional without being sappy, spiritual without being preachy…just enjoyable reading. Kudos to Jess C Scott."
-- Paul G. / Amazon review (unsolicited), July 2010

"I've just bought a few of your titles for my Kindle. Btw, I'm actually a very vanilla, 40-something year old. I read your short eBook on the general topic of erotica. I liked it. I particularly like the way you maintain a certain level of 'breeziness' so that your reader never feels like he/she is being taken hostage by the author's agenda."
-- Reader/Customer Email, 2012 (Asia)

"There is this incredibly powerful, immutable truth entwined with sexuality that is mocked and denigrated by the media, everything from pornography to babies being written off as a nuisance...and erotic literature is SO important, because I think it's the one venue where these issues can get a legitimate spotlight and serious discussion. Lumping erotica and pornography together is so destructive!"
-- Reader Email, 2013 (Female, USA)

"If you would like to try something different, download a copy of The Art of Erotic Writing. It'll give you a lot of important things to consider and think about--intrinsic values that are a world of difference from the stuff the hype-fueled mainstream media prefers to promote."
-- Review / SexIs Magazine, August 2013

"[The Art of Erotic Writing] gives a distinction between relationship focused sex and pornography. That was the motivator to blog about my slut shaming incidents I encountered in the last few months. Thanks Jess!"
-- HarleyQ2 / March 2014

* * *


EXCERPT [Introduction]:

street jess

[The image says "Street Certified Gourmet Food"--which is perhaps what I aim for with some of my erotic fiction [handling complex issues (i.e. substance, not fluff) in a way that's not too difficult for the reader to digest…)]

* * *

The following two quotes summarize my belief in the need for high-quality erotic literature that deals with sexuality in an enriching, authentic way:

(1) ". . .it is vital for good erotica to be published, so that we can see for ourselves the difference between the life-enhancing, and the sordid and destructive."

~ From Erotica: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature, by Charlotte Hill and William Wallace

(2) "Real sex is the sort our culture and most mass media propaganda don't recognize: not that intercourse, or masturbation, or genital kisses aren't real sex, but some other things are real sex too, which people need, but which don't excite our time and age."

~ From The Joy of Sex, by Dr. Alex Comfort

* * *

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