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UN Declaration of Human Rights
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2015: A list of material I was working on prior to 2015.

* Currently listening to: BART BAKER

* * *

Plans for Series/Anthologies:

Asian-themed poetry collection

A personal project. Inspired by
Cha Journal.


A murder mystery project.

Psychological dramas/thrillers ;)

Wilde Twins.
Survival Trilogy.

Sins07, Seven Deadly Sins

Will continue with a lighthearted/humorous tone. Book02 = The Heiress (Gluttony). Will see to this once I've a good outline (I need two clones of myself...)

Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy

Books 2 and 3 need a re-write. I'm currently working out a more "original" plot for this (something more social-minded).

* * *

Full list of remaining projects:

* Jess wiill work on whichever one(s) she feels like working on...

I. Psychological Thrillers / Crime

I have some series planned
(mainly in the "psychological thriller" genre).


II. Erotic Fiction (contemporary)

#1 Take-Out, Part 2 [tentative].


III. Mainstream | Urban Fantasy

#1 Books02 and 03 in the trilogy feat. cyberpunk elves.

#2 First dragon-themed urban fantasy novel.


IV. YA (with adult crossover appeal)

#1 The Heiress (book #2/gluttony, in SINS07, a YA "seven deadly sins" series).


V. Other

#1 Featuring a female assassin/hitwoman.

#2 Something that features an elderly lead character in a positive way. I'm anti-ageist.

* * *

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