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CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS RULE (Asian factual fiction / GLBT)

catholic schoolgirl

Catholic School Girls Rule ($2.99)

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Title = Mature Audience


Summary: When BFFs Chantal and Aisyah meet a Catholic school boy and his androgynous best friend, the two couples collectively discover how much they really have in common.

This story features in the short story collections, AFF (Asian Factual Fiction), and Primal Scream (full anthology).

LENGTH: 16,000 words

* * *

Disclaimer: Content includes religious irony (reader discretion is advised--draws some inspiration from The Holy Bible, Nietzsche, South Park, and Bertrand Russell).

Theme: Bisexual foursome. Speedos.

P.S. Jess was baptized and raised Catholic, and attended two all-girls convent schools in Singapore for 10 years straight.

* * *

* Enters Amazon Bestseller List!
(#43 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction >
Religion & Spirituality > Sociology | April 2011)

* * *


"First off I thought [The Other Side of Life] was extremely original. So many books these days feel like copies of previous books and have unoriginal concepts."
-- Review on one of Jess's books / customer email from U.K., Feb 2011

"Catholic School Girls Rule = Awesome Book!!"
-- Michael (via email / NYC), June 2012

"I also grew up Catholic and I'm Pro-Choice. Keep up the good work and I'll be keeping an eye out for your provocative writing. I really enjoy your writings."
-- Bluegrass/Folk Fan (via Google+), July 2012

"l just read 'Catholic Schoolgirls Rule' and really loved it! l found it really well written and engaging, and was amazed learning that some of what l like has names..."
-- Ms. MNS (via email / Australia), June 2014

* * *


The Catholic Church was opposed to birth control pills; it was a mortal sin to use birth control pills. Chantal's case was alright, because her pills had been prescribed for a medical condition. But it still irritated her that contraception, homosexual behavior, pre-marital, as well as extramarital sex were perceived to be immoral and shameful.

It irritated her that the religion she was born into could have so much of a say in a person's personal, sexual preferences.

Chantal's spirit was like a ticking timebomb. During her catechism class, she thought of the guy in the blue Speedos, then of Aisyah, with her dark-lined expressive eyes and all-round sassiness. She hardly knew the guy, but she'd always been a little intimidated, yet attracted, to both the Speedos dude and Aisyah.

She tried sorting out her feelings. She lusted after the Speedos guy more--it was a simpler emotion to define. It was more complicated with Aisyah, who was a good-looking girl friend with a great personality, very popular, into girls, and currently single. Aisyah had casually dated a few feminine-girl types, throughout upper secondary school. Chantal always admired Aisyah's never-morose, never-let-anyone-down vibe, and sometimes wished she could just let loose and have some fun too.

Organized religion felt like a yoke around her neck.

Chantal glanced up, to see what the catechist had written down on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom:

Proverbs 17:22 "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time."

What would bring good cheer? She thought of being in a threesome with the Speedos guy and Aisyah, three of them indulging in unbridled lust.

* * *

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