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black velvet

Black Velvet ($0.99)

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Title = Mature Audience


An erotic short story in which two friends yield to their animal instincts, in a straight-up, gratuitous public encounter.

Black Velvet features in the short story collection, 4:Play.

* * *

REVIEW (on 4:Play):

"[This] is erotica with a story...[which] I would much rather read, than one of the many so-called erotic romances that serve as vehicles for written pornography."
-- Review @

* Black Velvet enters Amazon Bestseller List!
#95 in Kindle Store > Fiction > Short Stories | April 2011
#44 in Books > Fiction > Erotica > Short Stories | Aug 2011

* Featured on StoryFindsx!
"Daily Delights" on StoryFindsx | 12 May 2013

* * *


Its one of those nights. Closed the curtains and locked my room door from the start. Now Im bringing the lights down a little lower.

This is how I like it.

I look at myself in the mirror. I love having a big mirror. I like the undivided attention.

The gear, the get-up? Nothing too fancy no leather, feather boas, spikes or handcuffs for me. I saw a couple chained to each other by the wrist with a set of cuffs once. They were making out on the street at night.

Im standing in a simple white camisole. The only other item I have on is a ruffled leopard thong.

I start thinking of what itd be like, if there was a boy here.

"Hello, foxy," hed greet me in a low, smooth voice.

Hed be standing behind, holding my hand, the other circled around my waist.

He would lean in to nudge the loose strands of hair off the back of my neck so he could place the side of his face on the exposed area of skin there. Start kissing, exploring round the neck, gradually going up to the ears. His hands over my milky-white breasts, the tips of his fingers instead of mine, working the nipples, now becoming erect. I see them, hard and prominent against the thin silken fabric.

The first wave hits me, quick as a lightning bolt.

Things...start to spin, a little. What if this wasnt actually my room? Where would I be? Who would I be?

* * *

Excerpt originally published in Bare Back Magazine.

* * *

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