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BUSINESS PLAN.01: Building Brand Identity

business plan

Business Plan #1: Building Brand Identity ($9.99)

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* By popular demand! — from emails/readers asking about the condensed version, Indie vs. Traditional Publishing.

Contemporary writer Jess C Scott's 35-page business/advertising plan, on establishing brand identity. Jess is currently an English/Business senior at Adams State College; this 35-page plan was submitted as the final project for an upper division business module. This plan also shows the opportunities that independent publishing offers, which traditional publishing does not.

The full plan is divided over eight sections — Introduction, Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Execution, Budgeting, Evaluation, and Conclusion.

GENRE: Business & Economics / Business Strategy

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Featured on Publetariat / Business End (publishes valuable content from the web for indie authors and small imprints).

Tweeted by Mark Coker (Smashwords founder), and Publishers Weekly.

* Enters Amazon Bestseller List!
(#22 in Books > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship >
Business Plans | April 2011)

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REVIEW #1: "EXCELLENT work on your final project – one of the best I've seen…you are an excellent writer and I've really enjoyed having you in class. Your final grade on the project is 400/400 = A."
— Advertising professor’s comments, May 2010

REVIEW #2: "Had my first YA novel with an agent at Trident Media Group last fall. She sent it to Harper Collins, and Penguin. Positive feedback, but no one bought…when I contacted my agent a couple months ago, she said she's no longer with the agency…I never heard back. Your brilliant paper is helping me jump over the mental hurdle that is traditional publishing."
— email from a reader/writer, July 2010

* * *


contents page

(click on image for full view)

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1.0 Executive Summary

I write contemporary novels under the pen name of "Jess C Scott." This advertising plan illustrates my market segments and the strategies I am employing to establish my personal brand identity as a talented and capable independent ("indie") author, such that I am well-positioned enough in the market to attract both loyal and new customers, and create a solid revenue stream from writing fiction.

I will be focusing on developing my brand identity (inclusive of my author name, and the books associated with my name), by keeping to a rigorous schedule of creating new books and utilizing online social media to get the word out concerning my business, and the products I offer. Increasing consumer awareness of the brand will initially be of a higher priority than actual sales figures. In the first 3 years of the business, I expect my business to be a self-sustaining model. I expect my books’ sales to be consistent, and my brand identity to be established such that I can eventually (over the course of 5-10 years) achieve my goal of making a living from writing fiction.

Contact Information for Organization:

Jess C Scott (key personnel)

1.1 Overview

In this plan, I will be covering key points of the current publishing industry, and examining the factors that drive and determine the market for my products. I will show the opportunities that independent publishing offers (also known as "indie publishing"), which traditional publishing does not. I will be presenting a competitor and market analysis, before showcasing the most appropriate budgeting method for the media strategy I intend to use. This will be followed by an expected sales forecast (over a time span of three years), as well as a section on how I justify proposed expenses and evaluate whether my plan has been successful.


2.0 Historical Context

"Jess C Scott" is a small business with very focused aspirations. By utilizing the power of new media and the internet, Jess C Scott is able to directly (and promptly) bring to the market unique books that stand apart from the cookie-cutter commercial books churned out by the publishing industry (which take an average of 12-18 months to actually hit the market). According to Doug Grad Literary Agency, whose founder spent twenty-two years as a senior editor at four major New York publishing houses. . .

* * *

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