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bad romance

Bad Romance Anthology ($6.99)

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A pop culture inspired short story collection which links
star-crossed lovers to each of the seven deadly sins.


Murder, intrigue...vengeance.

Lovers whose relationships are doomed to fail.

Lust | Gluttony | Sloth | Envy | Greed | Anger | Pride

Bad Romance delivers a crazy delicious double whammy, with the intertwined themes of star-crossed lovers and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Eat your heart out.

GENRE: Fiction (pop culture / contemporary / dark humor)

LENGTH: 90,000 Words

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

WARNING!: The second story is more or less horrifying or humorous. jessINK would like to apologize in advance for any offence Twilight fans might take from the caustic descriptions in Literary Heroin.

* * *


1. Blind Leading Another (Lust):
A high-schooler getting gangbanged is unaware her secret crush is one of the participants.

2. Literary Heroin (Gluttony):
Isobel's fanfiction dream comes true when Edwin and Jacobus materialize out of thin air. But the two hunks secretly have the hots for each other...

3. The Champion (Sloth):
A gaming addict attempts to win at life when he meets his match and marries a fellow gamer.

4. "I'm Pretty" (Envy):
A beautiful reality TV star indulges a new obsession when she rekindles an old flame.

5. Poor Little Rich Dude (Greed):
A young man leaves his lover behind when a winning lottery ticket transforms his life.

6. Heart's Blood (Anger):
A student plots to annihilate the cheating player that broke her former tutor's heart.

7. Never Gonna Give [You] Up (Pride):
A supermodel's 7-year marriage breaks down when her musician husband tires of being in the shadow of her spotlight.

* * *


"Smart and articulate."
-- Cliff Burns @ Black Dog Press

"Devilishly delicious."
-- Horror Author, Andy Love | Review on "The Devilin Fey"

"Great characters and a fascinating look at today's culture."
-- Kipp Poe | Review on "The Intern" (YA Sins07, Lust)

"I think what you do is bold and great--in my generation it's 'hot' [to be bisexual]. Some people even do it for the hell of it which I find crazy. I love your stories."
-- UC Berkeley Student (reader/customer email), Dec 2011

"Oh shit, I'm going to go read that now. I love Twilight parodies! And thank you for decimating (I tried to write dedicated but my auto spell changed it that) [the Bad Romance anthology] to me. I am honored and it's warming the cocks on my heart. Thank you! xMichael"
-- Michael K |

* * *



Q. Are there any authors who inspire you?

Jess: "I'm inspired by authors and writers who care about the actual substance of their work (as opposed to the writers who are committed to producing cash cows)."

~ Interview @ Indie BookSpot / March 2012

* * *

Q. Do you think people DO judge books by their cover?

Jess: "Of course--it's important to 'set the right mood' with the initial first impression."

~ Interview @ Indie Book Lounge / March 2012

* * *

"What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you're so ugly on the inside?" #JessCScott

~ Quote featured on "Best Celeb Quotes" Twitter / July 2013

* * *

EXCERPT (from Story #2, Gluttony):

EXCERPT [Literary Heroin (Gluttony)]:

Ms. Isobel Swann, the English teacher, looked at her star pupil.

"So, what did you think of Twue Wuv?" Isobel asked with a sweet smile.

"I learned that it's okay to feel the way I do: that my life has no meaning unless I have a boyfriend," gushed Stephenie, Renesmee's BFF.

Stephenie was overweight but enjoyed dressing provocatively. She thought the guys couldn't handle her. Most of them were scared off by her seductive ways and non-stop approaches towards anyone in class who owned a pair of testicles.

"A real man is like the perfect vampire-boy and all the perfect guys in Twue Wuv."

* * *

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