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psychological thriller

The Art of Erotic Writing
[re: quality sexual literature]

Brought to you by JCS / jessINK

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AIRTIGHT (Story #1/ "Sweet Anal")


AIRTIGHT (Story #1) / $2.99

BUY: B&N | Smashwords


A swinger wife indulges her airtight fantasy—and puts her marriage to the test.

Story #1 in the Sweet Anal series.

GENRE: Relationship Erotica
(more plot than porn)

LENGTH: Short Story | 10,000 words

* Featured on StoryFindsx (Feb 2013).

* * *


"[Jess writes] erotica with a story...which I would much rather read, than one of the many so-called erotic romances that serve as vehicles for written pornography."
-- Review @

"Jess hits the sweet spot between 'substance' and 'entertainment'."
-- XP, Book Doctor (Asia), Sept 2012

"To me, just seeing a woman's anus is the ultimate in exposure and naughty. Take care, Jess. You're a doll."
-- DE, Reader/Customer email, Jan 2013

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Sometimes, I don't even see the different bodies in the picture. It is just Aiko as this giant receptacle for a bunch of men to please themselves.

I especially love watching the curve of her body when she's offering her ass to a man for him to do whatever he wants.

But I don't think it beats how hot it is when cum is dripping out her ass, cum which she licks off from the floor. The look the guys give me is priceless when they find out that's my wife.

* * *

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