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(A Guide To Treating Acne Naturally)


CLEAR: Treat Acne Naturally ($3.99)


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In this concise guide, Jess shares her tips on treating acne holistically, without any drugs, creams, or face washes. Based on Jess's own journey to re-discovering clear skin.

GENRE: Health, Mind & Body (non-fiction)

LENGTH: 80 Pages

* CLEAR is the #5 "Skin" Book on Kobo!
(#5 in Health & Well Being > Health > Skin | 7 Feb 2013)

* CLEAR is in Top #100 of "Skin" Books on Amazon!
(#86 in Kindle eBooks > Health > Skin Diseases | 10 Feb 2013)

Q. Who are you? What do you know about acne?

A. I'm Jess and I'm 25 years old (as of March 2012). I'm a writer and a professional non-conformist who enjoys doing things differently.

I enjoyed clear skin (which I took for granted) during my teenage years. I realized I had a problem towards the end of 2010. At 23.5 years old, my skin was breaking out, and the evil breakouts weren't going away.

I spent hundreds of dollars trying to solve my skin condition. I tried: Proactiv, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, antibiotic gels, oral supplements, clear skin diet books, face masks, doctors, dead sea salt products, spot treatments, home-made sugar scrubs, OTC products, scrubs specially formulated for blackheads, washing my face more often, washing my face less often, using as many products as possible, using as few as possible, sticking religiously to the cleanse-tone-moisturize regime, not using any facial products at all (water only), etc etc.


As an acne sufferer, I found it hard to do "normal things." I'd try to hide my face anytime I had to step outside. It was like a sick, cruel joke that acne had to appear on the FACE, of all places.

But I kept looking for a solution. I read about how some chemicals in facial products could actually make skin problems worse. That was what moved me in the right direction. I made some changes and kept an open mind/approach to dealing with the problem. Within a few months, my skin stopped breaking out.

Q. So...What's in the Book?

A. The secrets of permanently clear skin are actually not secrets -- it involves: (1) a healthy diet and lifestyle, (2) reducing stress, (3) using a gentle skin care routine, and (4) good emotional health.

This should be straight forward, but there is a LOT of conflicting information out there these days. The more you try to figure out what the right things to do are, the more confusing it seems to become.

What I do is save you time and energy by telling you what worked for me, so you can put it into action too. In the book, I share

7 Tips to Getting Clear Skin:

* Understanding your skin
* Understanding ingredients on product labels
* Lifestyle (Food/Diet + Sleep + Exercise)
* The root of the problem
* Emotional Health
* Good skincare habits
* Jess's exact skincare routine (natural method)

I wrote this book to help others get through this terribly distressing experience. You don't have to suffer for the rest of time (and you don't need to break the bank either, in your efforts to get clear skin!).

-- Jess C Scott |

* * *



Left Image: Plateaued at this state for many months.

acne grade 3

6 Months Plus of Acne...
(10 June 2011)

cystic acne

Cystic Acne
(8 July 2011)

acne face

"Red Patches"
(10 Jan 2012)

healthy skin

Calmer Skin / Dim Light
(10 Feb 2012)

clear skin

:) | Bright Light
(24 March 2012)

clear skin

Room / Natural Light
(7 August 2012)

* * *


"Hi Jess: Glad to hear Skin Deep has been of help. Great work [with applying the principles in the book to treating your acne naturally]."
-- Dr. Ted Grossbart, author of 'Skin Deep'

"You pack huge volumes of experience and information into your [work]. You're impressive, I'll say that, and edgy and interesting. And mildly scary." -- T. D. / via e-mail, 2010

"Hi Jess, I read your review on Amazon for "Skin Deep" by Dr. Grossbart, which I'm currently reading and enjoying, and wanted to thank you for it. I also wanted to give a suggestion for your sugar withdrawal and new diet - look up green smoothies. They are fantastic for acne and countless other physical and mental health issues, and it's incredible how they diminish cravings for junk food. I LOVE junk, but don't even desire it much anymore thanks to green smoothies. Give them a try, they're one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me and I want to spread the word. Good luck!"
-- S. Rashid / via email, 2011

"Your photos show a remarkable difference. My first girlfriend suffered from acne very badly. Her uncle was a consultant doctor in a hospital and he referred her to one of his dermatologist colleagues, but they couldn't do anything about it except grind it away with a machine that did much the same as an industrial sander, and then apply loads of expensive make up. [You should] avoid drugs. Unless you have an extreme condition like schizophrenia, many ailments are best treated through healthy living and cultivating a healthy attitude. Drugs complicate things and stop your body/mind functioning the way they should."
-- David F. / via email, 2012 (Bristol, U.K.)

"Saw your link on how to treat acne naturally. Been getting irritated skin and it's kinda annoying. Just had a bad breakout. Seems like i gotta change my lifestyle tooooo. Thanks for your book!"
-- Facebook private message (25 y/o, Singapore)

* * *


PART I: Introduction

PART II: 7 Tips to Getting Clear Skin

* Understanding your skin
* Understanding ingredients on product labels
* Lifestyle (Food/Diet + Sleep + Exercise)
* The root of the problem
* Emotional Health
* Good skincare habits
* Jess's exact skincare routine (natural method)

PART III: Conclusion

* * *

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